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On Departing Adobe

For the last three and a half years I have held a variety of roles at Adobe and these were some of the best years of my career so far. Years ago, I wrote a post asking what the next step would be for a lifelong developer. At the time, I didn't have an answer. It had always been a dream of mine to work for Adobe (and Macromedia and Allaire before that), but I never knew what they'd want with a ColdFusion developer like myself. Thankfully, they did.

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The Lasting Impact of Arbitrary Decisions

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to arbitrary decision-making and it's long term effects. In each day, both personally and professionally, we are asked to make a large number of decisions ranging from large and impactful to small and relatively innocuous. In many cases, our decisions are somewhat arbitrary, based on limited knowledge or research. This is both necessary and unavoidable. We simply do not have the time to adequately research every decision that has to be made and a choice must be made, so we make it.

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2013 in Review

I actually enjoy reading people's year in review. I see it as a great exercise in acknowledging your own accomplishments and where you could have improved while setting goals for the year to come. Along those lines, 2013 was an eventful year for me. Professionally, my job changed twice which caused me to change my own efforts and focus outside of work. Personally, I continued my focus on improving my health and fitness, but changed it up a bit.

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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of August 19, 2013

This week's best of JavaScript, HTML and CSS update on Flippin' Awesome was filled with new and updated libraries and other projects including Yeoman 1.0, Brick, Tridiv, ungit, FlowType and much more. Of course, there were plenty of great tutorials as well, so be sure to check them out.

In addition, we published three new articles this week:

Ryan Morr explains the difference between scope and context in JavaScript and how they're used in common design patterns.
Understanding Scope and Context in JavaScript

Matt Baker discusses rules for applying functional programming principles to CSS so it can more effectively scale.
Functional CSS (FCSS)

Seth Vincent shares his strategy for deciding when to choose between npm, Bower and component for client-side dependency management.
Choosing Between npm, Bower and component

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My name is Brian Rinaldi and I am the Web Community Manager for Flash Platform at Adobe. I am a regular blogger, speaker and author. I also founded RIA Unleashed conference in Boston. The views expressed on this site are my own & not those of my employer.