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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 2/14/2012

Posted on Feb 14, 2012

OMFG! That is all I can say. I leave for a couple weeks, to attend the HTML5 Summit in Miami and a department offsite in San Jose, only to return to an enormous backlog of awesome posts from the Flash community. First off, the innovation happening in Stage3D only seems to be accelerating lately as people become more comfortable with the tools it provides. Second, there seems to be a ton of interest in working with AIR and Microsoft Kinect, with multiple ANE solutions and some impressive demos. Lastly, there are a growing number of Stage3D frameworks, to the point that I decided in this issue to group posts by their framework topic. If anyone tries to tell you the Flash community is fading, just point them here. Enjoy!

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 1/9/2012

Posted on Jan 09, 2012

This is the first update of the new year and there are a ton of sample applications, tutorials and announcements over the past few weeks. Once again there is continued interest and releases in Stage3D and continued innovation using AIR native extensions on the desktop. There was also a lot of activity regarding the new Apache Flex project including a very busy mailing list which shows a high level of continued community interest in the platform.

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 12/16/2011

Posted on Dec 16, 2011

The year is almost over and, if you are like me, you are already getting ready to go on holiday. Nonetheless, the community keeps pumping out new and great tutorials and projects. I did take a moment yesterday to call out some of the best Flex community bloggers of 2011 and hope to do the same for Flash next week. On another note, it occurred to me over the past week's that there was enough new material from the community purely focused on Stage3D in Flash Player to warrant its own section. So, this week features that section with a number of new tutorials and open-source library/framework releases related to Stage3D.

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 11/23/2011

Posted on Nov 23, 2011

This week (in the US at least) we are giving thanks - so thank you to all the developers in the Flash and Flex community who contribute and share their knowledge with others. Thank you for continuing to prove the bias of many media outlets wrong and demonstrate Flash is very much alive. This week's hot topics seem to continue to be examples and demos using Stage3D and AIR native extensions.

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 11/16/2011

Posted on Nov 16, 2011

Oh, so you thought the cool stuff was over? Well, the community is still creating cool stuff, Adobe is still creating the Flash Platform and I still love both. Now, if you are looking for my thoughts on many of our recent announcements, you can check my post on the topic as none of that will be covered here. Going forward perhaps the format of these posts will change but I plan to continue them and for the moment, the only change is that I am not linking to any of the discussions of our more controversial announcements this week. Rather I am truly just focused on the cool stuff the community created.

On that note, this is obviously a light week as folks were probably a bit distracted to blog. However, there was still some great content - for example check out the ApplicationFinder and AIRKinect native extensions for AIR 3 below!

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