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Max Day 2 Keynote - Full Coverage

Posted on Oct 02, 2007

Max Day 2 Keynote

Another introductory video montage about design and development, again featuring both Ben Forta and Laura Arguello (no Ray this time). Kevin Lynch enters and announces the MTV AIR contest at He introduces Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen begins by speaking about what keeps him going. He describes some of the difficulties of his job such as dealing with people in the financial world and the press. In describing what keeps him going, he talks about talking his son to a Dave Mathews Band concert and getting invited back stage, where, while feeling a little starstruck himself, the band and producers kept raving about Adobe's products. Another example of what motivates him is tat 4,000 plus people are sitting at the keynote who paid to come to this conference and are motivated by Adobe's products and innovate with them on a daily basis. He says that this continues to inspire him.

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MAX Day One Keynote - Full Coverage

Posted on Oct 01, 2007

For someone who has only attended ColdFusion-specific conferences, it is hard to describe the scale of MAX. I am sitting here waiting for the opening keynote staring at three giant screens with music blasting to a standing-room-only audience of thousands. Finally, the giant screens begin playing an opening montage with Ray Camden, Laura Arguello, Ben Forta and many others speaking about the theme of engagement.

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Adobe AIR WebKit Doesn't Support Client-side XSLT?

Posted on Aug 31, 2007

I got on a weird mission today for no specific reason (ok, I had something in mind but since it may not be possible I won't go into details). What I wanted to know was whether I could do an XSL Transform within Adobe AIR either through ActionScript 3, JavaScript or otherwise. After a little research, it appears that AS3 doesn't support XSLT directly. In addition, WebKit has added an XSLT JavaScript API but it seems to be new and, to be honest, I couldn't locate anything showing how to implement it.

After those two paths were blocked, I found an excellent beginners tutorial on client-side XSLT simply by loading the XML with the defined XSL template in the browser. The example they gave worked nicely in IE7, Firefox and even Safari on Windows. Seeing as Safari and AIR both use WebKit, I thought this might work in AIR. To my dismay, it did not. Here's what I did...

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Using REMatch versus REReplace in ColdFusion 8

Posted on Aug 08, 2007

A new function in ColdFusion 8 that I hadn't seen discussed yet is REMatch (and obviously the related REMatchNoCase). Well, today I was writing an application where I needed to strip all but alphanumeric characters from a string. Looking through the regular expression reference (my favorite is RegExLib) you will see that "\w" will return only alphanumeric characters. Except that prior to ColdFusion 8, there was only REFind, which will return the start and end positions of matches but clearly won't work in this case, and REReplace, which would work if I wanted to replace the alphanumeric characters. What I really wanted was all the matching characters returned, and this is where REMatch comes in.

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What the Heck is a Gateway Anyway?

Posted on Jul 18, 2007

So, as I mentioned on my Pownce account, I am working on a curriculum for teaching some basic object-oriented development in ColdFusion as well as introducing frameworks like Mach ii, ColdSpring and Transfer. I have outlined the basics of what is an object and the data access object (DAO) pattern so far, and then I hit the commonly used (including by me) "gateway" component. Now with most patterns in ColdFusion object-oriented development you can find a direct correlation in common J2EE design patterns. However, in this case, though I am not an expert on J2EE design patterns, the typical ColdFusion gateway seems to bear little resemblance to relevant design patterns in Java. So, the question becomes, what is the "gateway" in ColdFusion?

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