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Using Cairngorm in Adobe AIR

Posted on Feb 14, 2008

I have read in various places that the Cairngorm framework for Flex isn't really designed for working with AIR. Therefore, I approached a recent project with some hesitation since that is exactly what I intended to use. First of all, not only are we standardized on Cairngorm where I work, but I, personally, appreciate the way it helps me organize and structure my application. Now that I am finished with the proof-of-concept application, I can say that, while it is a small application, I didn't really run into any major issues using Cairngorm with AIR. I did have to make one minor adjustment, however, which I will discuss along with my experience.

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ColdFusion Open-Source Update - February 11, 2008

Posted on Feb 11, 2008

A very busy week this week, with six new projects and six updates. Yes, that's it...nothing funny. Sorry, nothing in me today.

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Stupid Flex Mistakes

Posted on Feb 11, 2008

In the interest of sharing I am posting a dumb mistake I made while working on a Flex/AIR project that uses Cairngorm. Hopefully my shame will help someone one day. I also want to open this up to others to share some of their most embarrassing Flex/AIR mistakes in the comments.

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Speaking at CFUnited 2008

Posted on Feb 09, 2008

As was recently announced on the CFUnited blog, I will be speaking a this Year's CFUnited in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately with the new dates (and new location), Rob Gonda is no longer able to make it, so I will be covering his "Writing an RIA? Secure your data!" session. Look forward to seeing everyone all there!

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Comparing Adobe Flex and Ajax Development Models

Posted on Feb 06, 2008

My latest article is out in the latest issue of the Adobe Edge. It gives a basic overview of using Flex and Ajax and tries to take an objective look at the comparative benefits and difficulties of each (which can be a controversial topic since some people seem to take it as a matter of religion). Of course, I think it is always better to have more tools in your arsenal, and I am a fan of using both Flex and Ajax. Nonetheless, I do want to commend Adobe in letting me take an honest look at the comparison.

Link: Comparing Adobe Flex and Ajax development models

I would love feedback from anyone who reads it, so, please, feel free to comment here.

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