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ColdFusion Open-Source Update - February 16, 2009

Posted on Feb 16, 2009

Three new projects and eight updates this week. This update covers the past two weeks as I was enjoying sunny Florida last week with my close buds Mick, Don and the whole gang in Orlando. Anyway, I wanted to also take a moment to point out the changes to the ColdFusion documentation and community help. I have agreed to help out with this along with some other prominent community members and I think it seems like a really good change.

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Centaur, Bolt and Gumbo at the Boston CFUG

Posted on Feb 12, 2009

If you are in the Boston area and you missed last night's Boston CFUG meeting, I hate to tell you that you really missed out. We were lucky not only to have newly minted ColdFusion Product Manager, Adam Lehman, but also Flex Builder Product Manager, Tim Buntel, Director of Engineering for ColdFusion, Hemant Khandelwal, lead engineer on Bolt, Ram Kulkarni, and ColdFusion Product Marketing Manager, Allison Huselid.

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Build a personal productivity application with Adobe AIR - Adobe Edge

Posted on Feb 11, 2009

My latest article for the Adobe Edge newsletter went live today. The idea behind this one is that the simplicity of building applications in AIR makes it the perfect tool to build small applications intended to improve your own productivity. It covers some of the differences in approach that you may take when building an application with an audience of one (or few) rather than one for general consumption. I delve into an application I built for myself to help me write my weekly ColdFusion Open Source Update posts that uses the Google Notebook API. Unfortunately, Google announced that they were discontinuing development on Notebook shortly after the article was ready for "print" but the API still exists and they have said they will not be "end-of-life"-ing it in the near future, so the code is still applicable and the topic is still relevant. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the article here.

View the article here.

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More Flex Camp Miami Session Details Posted

Posted on Feb 05, 2009

The details of the agenda for Flex Camp Miami is filling out very nicely. I have posted full titles and descriptions for sessions by David Tucker, Maxim Porges, Brian LeGros, Andrew Powell and Laura Arguello up on the site, along with brief bios in case you don't know who they are. We really have lined up some of the best possible speakers for this event, so you aren't going to want to miss it. More details for our UX focused session, a session by and one by Adobe evangelist Greg Wilson should be coming soon.  Register today as seating is limited! Here are the sessions that I have full details for...

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Presenting Mate Flex Framework at CFUnited 2009

Posted on Feb 04, 2009

It was just announced that I will be presenting at this year's CFUnited conference on the Mate framework for Flex. I have raved about Mate since my early experiences with it. For me, using Mate makes developing in Flex more enjoyable as I spend much less time creating boilerplate framework stuff, giving me more time to focus on the functionality of my application. This session will be an introduction to the Mate framework for anyone with some level of comfort with Flex. Hope to see you there!

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