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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of November 19, 2012

Posted on Nov 26, 2012

Despite the holiday weekend in the US, there were quite a lot of really useful and important tutorials this week, with a heavy focus on CSS and RWD this week (though a couple of excellent articles on JavaScript by Addy Osmani and Tim Wright are definitely worth reading).

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Go Node Without Code

Posted on Nov 20, 2012

You , like most everyone these days, have probably heard a lot about NodeJS. What you may have heard is how NodeJS allows you to create server-side applications using JavaScript. What you may not yet know, however, is that you can build command line utilities using Node that can run on whatever platforms Node runs on. In fact, there are a ton of CLI utilities already out there for Node. The point of this post is to cover a Node CLI utilities that you can use whether or not you are doing any server-side JavaScript development. So, admittedly, the title of this post is a bit misleading; these tools do require code, but not necessarily server-side JavaScript code.

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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of November 12, 2012

Posted on Nov 19, 2012

This holiday week (at least in the US) features a fairly balanced mix of great tutorials and useful library releases.

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Want to be a Web Developer?

Posted on Nov 18, 2012

I meant to post about this earlier, but the other day I was able to write a guest post for the Onward Search blog on breaking into a front-end development career. The article offers a number of tips that I personally feel can mae you an attractive hire as a front-end developer, such as keeping up with standards, learning JavaScript, understanding mobile development and staying informed. I've received great feedback on the article so far - if you are looking to become a web developer (or be a better one), then hopefully this advice might be helpful.

One thing I didn't mention that probably deserves to be discussed is hands-on training. For example, General Assembly (who recently opened an office here in Boston) offers a 10-week course on front-end development. The class runs twice a week for ten weeks and can help you to develop fluency in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you are interested in this course, they are hosting a free information session about the course this Tuesday. If you can't make it to Boston, then be sure to check out courses in your area. This can be a quick way to jumpstart a move to a front-end development career.

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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of November 5, 2012

Posted on Nov 12, 2012

This week features a lot of general JavaScript, HTML and CSS tutorials while only a few framework-specific tutorials. There were also quite a few mobile-specific tutorials as well as a handful of important library releases including Ratchet, ChocolateChip-UI and FireClosure.

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