My name is Brian Rinaldi and I am a:

  • Husband & father (to Luke and Sam)
  • Content and Community Manager in Developer Relations at Adobe Systems
  • A Programmer
    (HTML/JavaScript, Flex, AIR, ActionScript, ColdFusion, JavaScript, SQL)
  • RIA Unleashed conference founder
  • Long suffering Miami sports fan - Hurricanes, Heat and Dolphins
  • Music and video game fan (and co-host of Vitamin Sweet on CodeBass Radio)
  • Boston resident

Want to know more, read my blog or my publications and presentations. You can contact me at brinaldi@remotesynthesis.com.

You can read my wife's blog covering issues related to bilingual special education by going to bilingualspecialed.com.


My name is Brian Rinaldi and I am the Web Community Manager for Flash Platform at Adobe. I am a regular blogger, speaker and author. I also founded RIA Unleashed conference in Boston. The views expressed on this site are my own & not those of my employer.