ColdFusion Open-Source Update - April 2

Posted on Apr 02, 2007

Two new projects and two updates. Sorry my blogging has been light lately...been nothing more than these updates...but my kids are opposed to me sleeping. Anyway, on with the update:

New Releases and Updates

New Project: CFJsonService
Initial Release
Another week, another CF JSON service ;) Ok, no disrespect meant, but this project by Andrew Scott can be used with any application that uses JSON-RPC.

New Project: cfTimeline
Introducing cfTimeline Custom Tag
Todd Sharp implements a ColdFusion wrapper to the SIMILE Timeline, an AJAX widget for displaying events across a time span and the possibilities are endless...

ColdBox 2.0.0 RC 1 Now Available
Luis Majano releases the next release candidate of version 2.0 of his MVC framework that includes complex settings in the config and a cache monitor.

Squidhead Swims On
Terrence Ryan has released some updates to his Squidhead code generating/scaffolding application including a "Build a Blog in 15 Minutes" demonstration.


MachBlog final coming out either this weekend or very early next week
Matt gives an audio version (of sorts) of his Project Updates post (I just mention the Weekly version because I am a fan :).

Database Agnostic ColdFusion
Sam Larbi talks about his development of the CFRails database abstraction layer, including how to make the application database independent.

CheckoutCFC - working on BlueDragon 7
Scott Pinkston has confirmed that hsi Google Checkout component does work on BlueDragon 7.

newBee on RIAForge (now with forum)
The availability of Trond Ulseth's framework became public before he intended because it was available on RIAForge, so he decided to officially announce it and add a forum to it on RIAForge.


Mach II
Moving from Procedural to Object Oriented Programming with Mach-II for Coldfusion
Adrian Moreno gives a step-by-step of converting your procedural application to Mach II that he originally gave to the DFW CFUG.
Mach II Primer : Part 1
Mach II Primer : Part 2/a>
Mach II Primer : Part 3
Mach II Primer : Part 4
Mach II Primer : Part 5

BlogCFC JS Twitter Pod
Chris Phillips shows how to implement a JavaScript based twitter pod inside Ray Camden's blog application.

cfFrameworks: Barney Boisvert talks on coldfusion frameworks
Nick Tong and Kola Oyedeji interview Barney, who discusses Fusebox and ColdSpring.

Setting up and using Transfer within fusebox via the Transfer lexicons
Nick Tong gives an overview of how to integrate Transfer within Fusebox using the prebuilt Transfer lexicons.

Interesting Model-Glue "Feature" to watch out for
Ray Camden talks about an unusual behavior of the getValue() method in the event object. Later he posts a Followup to last Model-Glue article - checking for the existence of a value.


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