ColdFusion Open-Source Update January 22

Posted on Jan 22, 2007

A couple of interesting new releases this week, and a handful of updates. I am also starting to see a lot of tutorials in the CF "blogosphere" lately relating to open source projects (FarCry and Model-Glue being the most talked about it seems). I have always been an advocate of this as I think it adds to the unofficial documentation for projects, which can often overcome one of open-sources greatest weaknesses - poor documentation (this isn't to be construed in any way as commenting on MG or FarCry, just on open-source in general). Anyway, enough editorial...

New Releases and Updates

New Project: OpenID CFC
Initial Release
This project by Dmitry Yakhnov is a component that connects with the highly touted (at least recently) OpenID authentication framework/service.

New Project: CFDefect
Initial Release
This project by Qasim Rasheed is based upon Ray Camden's Lighthouse Pro, replicating many of its features, but porting the application to Fusebox/ColdSpring/Reactor. The authors stated concept is to present this as a sample application for learning purposes.

Version 0.6.1 Released
A maintenance release of Mark Mandel's ORM project, it includes a number of documentation updates and bug fixes. Very importantly, it fixes a potential memory leak in Transfer by utlizing the underlying java engine to discard old TransferObjects.

Lighthouse Pro
Version 2.2 Released
Ray Camden's bug tracking project includes a number of significant improvements (many donated by Qasim Rasheed) including Oracle Support, as well as Spry Ajax intrgration.

Version 5.1 Beta 2
Sean Corfield has made a build available on the downloads site for beta 2 which fixes a handful of bugs and some enhancements that better support SES.

Version 1.5.1 Released
Andrea Veggiani's blog application now comes in three versions: a standard version, a "Lite" version and a "Basic" version with varying levels of feature support.


ColdBox Just Got Faster
Luis Majano details some major improvements to his MVC framework for the upcoming 1.2 release, including event handler caching that has produced dramatic improvements to page processing.

MachBlog in the Wild
Matt Woodward notes that not only has Bernie Dolan started blogging, but he is using the recenlty released MachBlog. Peter Bell also noted that Bernie was blogging, making him one of the more celebrated bloggers to not yet have any content on his blog. Thankfully Bernie has since obliged us with a post. Just to note, Bernie is a friend of mine and a colleague at Sun Life.

Oops! Missed the Readme.txt
If you recently downloaded JavaLoader but were at a loss on how to use it, this may be why ;)


On Code Generation
Steve Bryant goves his thoughts on my article, "Build a Code Generator in 5 Easy Steps", (and how they relate to his DataMgr active schema project). I also wrote a response.

GenericList and Undefined Criteria
Joe Rinehart discusses why there are no defaults for URL/Form variables in the GenericList message.

Dan Wilson Offers a Series of Model-Glue:Unity Tutorials for Beginners:
So You Want to Install Model-Glue:Unity
So You Want to Build a Model-Glue:Unity Application:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Frames and Model-Glue
Ray Camden discusses how to use frames with Model-Glue.

Flexible Friendly URLs for Farcry with Mod rewrite (Updated)
This is an update to the tutorial cited ina previous OS Update.

dmFact with Teaser Image
Stephen Moretti discusses how to get the filename for an teaser image that has been added to a fact.


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