Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of April 23, 2012

Posted on Apr 30, 2012

This was a really busy week with quite a few new libraries, a number of good tutorials on a wide variety of topics and even some excellent interviews and discussions. This really was a week overflowing with top-notch content. The bad news is that you have a lot of reading to catch up on. The good news is that it is all worthwhile and you’ll learn a ton. So get reading.


Brian Scaturro posts a great overview of closures in JavaScript
Closures: Front to Back

An awesome example of using JavaScript to create a real-time displacement map filter by Romuald Quantin
javascript displacement mapping

Louis Lazaris explains and shows how to use CSS3 structural pseudo-class expressions
CSS3 Structural Pseudo-class Expressions Explained

How to build a nice pure CSS3 cycling slideshow or a slideshow that syncs to audio using jPlayer
Audio Slideshow with JPlayer
A Pure CSS3 Cycling Slideshow

Raymond Camden shows the JavaScript code for setting up your object store using IndexedDB
How to handle setup logic with IndexedDB

Good post showing how Google uses JavaScript rather than animated GIF to create smoothly animated doodles
How Do Google’s Animated Doodles Work?

Peter Michaux explores several ways to create observable mixins and multiple mixins in JavaScript.
Mixins and Constructor Functions

Joe Zim discusses JavaScript closures and how to use closures in the Module design pattern
JavaScript Closures and the Module Pattern

Frameworks and Libraries

Check out these demos, source provided, of using Microsoft Kinect plus JavaScript with the KinectJS library
Kinect plus JavaScript = KinectJS

Andrew Burgess shows how to install & use Grunt, a new JavaScript build tool created by Ben Alman.
Meet Grunt: The Build Tool for JavaScript

Jack Franklin shows how to create jQuery Plugin, test it with QUnit and build it with Grunt
A jQuery Plugin with Grunt & QUnit

Learn how to build a Todo App with Node.js and Express via Jack Franklin
Node.js: A Todo App with Express

Siddarth introduces using the Zepto.js jQuery-compatible framework for mobile development. Some debate over the value in the comments.
The Essentials of Zepto.js


Andrew Trice explains how to extend the capabilities of PhoneGap using native plugins on Android
Extending PhoneGap with native plugins for Android

New and Updated Frameworks and Libraries

HTTPster is a command-line utility by Simeon Bateman that starts an HTTP server using Node.js and NPM to load files from any directory on your filesystem
Introducing: HTTPster

Cubism.js is a new plugin for D3 data driven document library for creating complex timeline visualizations
Cubism.js: a cool new way to display timeline data

Moobile is a brand new mobile application framework built on top of MooTools.
MooTools - Moobile 0.1 Released

Buster.JS is a browser testing toolkit with browser automation, static html page testing, headless browsers testing & more. Currently in beta.
Welcome! Buster.JS is...

idb.filesystem.js is a JavaScript polyfill of Filesystem API for browsers lacking native support.
idb.filesystem.js - Bringing the HTML5 Filesystem API to More Browsers

app-UI is a new, open-source HTML and JavaScript application framework by Andrew Trice with reusable application container UI components like ViewNavigator, SplitViewNavigator and SlidingView.
Introducing app-UI

The Miso.Dataset JavaScript library handles loading, parsing, sorting, querying & manipulating data from many sources
The Miso Project - Dataset

Rice is a JavaScript library providing an easy-to-use chainable Web SQL database API that can be used with PhoneGap.


TodoMVC Labs showcases sample Todo apps for JavaScript MVC frameworks like Ember, Batman & Meteor
TodoMVC Labs

Interesting look at the debate about adding classes in ECMAScript 6 occurring in TC39 standards body
Class Warfare

Victor Carbune discusses Adobe's contributions to WebVTT for HTML5 video closed captions or subtitles
Native Browser Text Track Rendering

Jacob Cook interviews Yahoo!'s Doug Crockford on (what else?) JavaScript
How I Work: Yahoo!'s Doug Crockford On JavaScript


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