ColdFusion Open-Source Update - April 30, 2010

Posted on Apr 30, 2010

Five new projects and five updates ones in ColdFusion open source this past week. Sorry this post is late but, while others were at cf.Objective(), I spent all of last week enjoying the sun and warmth at Disney World. Sure, there's less ColdFusion goodness in the Magic Kingdom, but there's more mouse. Nonetheless , I spoke to Jared and he plans on correcting that oversight next year.

New Releases and Updates

New Project: APR and IRR calculator
Initial Release
This project by Stephen Moretti is a component that calculating the APR and IRR.

New Project: cf-cassandra
Initial Release
Nick Harvey created this project, which he admits in still in its infancy, to integrate with Apache Cassandra.

New Project: CFplistlib
Initial Release
Another project by Shannon Hicks, this one can convert ColdFusion objects into XML plists.

New Project: CFSolrLib
Initial Release
Shannon Hicks released this project that is a wrapper for Solr on ColdFusion 8 or higher.

New Project: MagicMIME
Initial Release
Paul Connell developed this component to determine the MIME file type of files.

BlogCFC 5.9.6
Raymond Camden posts a new version of his blogging engine with some changes by Jeff Braunstein and performance improvements.

ColdBox 3.0.0 M5 bit updates
Luis Majano posts the latest build of ColdBox which includes two core fixes.

ColdFusion on Wheels
Released: ColdFusion on Wheels 1.0.4
Chris Peters announces this latest release which fixes a number of bugs and improves the overall stability of the framework.

ColdSpring 2.0 - Now On SourceForge
Mark Mandel discusses why this version is codenamed Narwhal and that you can grab a pre-alpha off SourceForge.

Mach-II Integrity (1.9) - Milestone 1 Released
Peter Farrell announces that the first milestone release of Mach-II 1.9 is available including a number of improvements listed in this post.


Mura CMS
Lipsum Plugin
Brice Cheddarn created a plugin to quickly dump lipsum text to a Mango page or post.

New Documentation Released - Programmer's Guide to Mura CMS
Blue River begins to correct one of the only chinks in the armor of their CMS (in my opinion) which is the lack of documentation for many aspects of the project.

LatestTweets - A Mura Plugin
Steve Good created this Mura plugin that will display the last few tweets from your Twitter account.

ValidateThis Futures from cf.Objective()
Bob Silverberg discusses some future enhancements he has in mind for his validation framework.

Tutorials, Presentations and Reviews

CFObjective 2010 slidedeck and code
Luis Majano posts his ColdBox slide deck and code samples.

Coldbox / Coldspring / Transfer - Part 2
Janusz Buda continues his tutorial and hooks ColdBox and Transfer in this step.

ColdFusion on Wheels
Another great cf.Objective() is over – Wheels
Mike Henke posts a discussion of his session as well as the slide deck and presenter notes.

ColdMVC: Custom Tags
Tony Nelson posts that ColdMVC includes a number of standard custom tags to help with common layout issues as well as a common place for keeping all your own custom tags.

ColdMVC: Plugins
Tony Nelson offers this short dicussion of how to create plugins and some included ones in his MVC framework.

ColdMVC: Event Listeners
Tony Nelson discusses the various events his framework makes available and how you can listen for these events.

ColdMVC: Helpers
Tony Nelson shows how you can use helper components with functions available throughout your application in his new framework.

Tony Nelson discusses how he is working to (and partially finished) recreate Grails GORM inside his MVC framework.

Building Advanced Workflows with ColdSpring at cf.Obective()
Dan Skaggs posts the slidedeck from his presentation which got a highly favorable review from current ColdSpring lead developer Mark Mandel.

Framework One
FW/1 Layouts and CSS/JS Includes
Grant Shepert wrote this tutorial that shows how to ensure your front-end dependencies are handled properly in FW/1 layouts.

Model-Glue Question - Helpers calling helpers
Raymond Camden answers the question of whether a helper can call a helper.

How to do ManyToMany Relationships with a Lookup Table Sort Order Field in Transfer
James Allen posts this Transfer ORM tutorial.


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