ColdFusion Open-Source Update - December 15, 2008

Posted on Dec 15, 2008

Four new projects and one update this week. One of the four new projects is a repeat of sorts. It seems I pre-announced Mark Mandel's Conduit project and, well, Mark got all sensitive on me about it. :P Perhaps it was me being subconsciously spiteful. I was just peeved because I tried to get an early peek at the Transfer/Flex integration and Mark denied me. Despite the offers of generous bribes, Mark simply responded, "Are you trying to tempt me? Because I come from the land of plenty." Here's this week's update (note: there won't be an update next week as I will be away visiting family).

New Releases and Updates

New Project: CFPayment
cfpayment beta-ish-y
Brian Ghidinelli posts the first public beta of his payment gateway component.

New Project: Conduit
Conduit: The ColdFusion Adapter for BlazeDS
According to Mark, I always announce his projects before he is ready. I think the problem is that he is some 15 hours ahead of me and thus, I already posted this yesterday in his time or something like that. Anyway, this project is an adapter for BlazeDS that fixes the cyclic object bug that Mark previously identified.

New Project: Eventful CFC
Initial Release
The Eventful CFC by Jimmy Winter implements the Eventful API.

New Project: JSONUtil
Introducing JSONUtil
This JSON serialization/deserialization project by Nathan Mische works in ColdFusion 7 and provides improved mapping of data types in ColdFuion 8.

5.9.2 Released
Ray Camden posts the release notes of the latest release of BlogCFC.


CFFormProtect is now in BlogCFC
Jacob Munson posts about the news that CFFormProtect was included in the recent build of BlogCFC.

DataFaucet ORM API Documentation
Dan Lancelot contributed ColdDoc documentation to the project.

Mango Blog
An update for Mango-Lightbox2
Adam Tuttle fixes a bug in his Lightbox plugin.

Donating to Homeless Women and Children
Mark Aplet donated a new site to a local not-for-profit called Women's Empowerment and used Mango Blog to run the site.

Razuna open source Digital Asset Management and the future
This post discusses some plans for the future of Razuna.

Tutorials, Presentations and Reviews

Using Database-Driven Configuration Settings in Coldbox
Doug Boude posts this tutorial.

General (Frameworks)
Frameworks: the new black
Kay Smoljak discusses Mark Mandel's frameworks article for the Developer Center.

Mango Blog
Finding the current DB type in a Mango plugin
Adam Tuttle (aka King Mango) posts this tutorial on how to make sure your Mango plugins work across supported rdbms.

Using Transfer's MetaData to construct queries
John Whish creates a generic abstract gateway using Transfer's metadata to create the query.

Working with Transfer's Event Model
Raymond Camden covers how to use Transfer's event model.

Transfer ORM Cheat Sheet
John Whish posts this quick start guide for Transfer.

Yet Another Ringing Endorsement For VarScoper
Todd Sharp posts that varScoper saved him on his SlodeSix project.


Mark Mandel * laughs *
Its this silly living in the future / time space continuum thing!

Always getting in the way.

Posted By Mark Mandel / Posted on 12/15/2008 at 6:09 PM

Tony Garcia I wonder how many people got the Men At Work reference...?
Happy Holidays Brian!

Posted By Tony Garcia / Posted on 12/18/2008 at 8:32 AM

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