Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 11/15/10

Posted on Nov 15, 2010

This week's post is filled to the brim with stuff in part because I was unable to post the update last week as I was too preoccupied running the RIA Unleashed conference here in Boston (which went great). However, in the meantime the community and Adobe had a ton of tutorials and announcements related to Flash Platform products that are absolutely worth a read.

Cool Mobile & Devices Stuff (AIR for Android, AIR on TV, Flash on Android, iPhone etc.)

Serge Jespers wrote a demonstration application for playing video using the Flash Platform that works across the Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Desire HD, Logitech Revue with Google TV, a Broadcom AIR for TV set top box and of course a desktop/laptop. The result took him a total of 5 hours to build for all the listed platforms.

Similarly, Paul Trani created a tutorial on creating a mobile game using Flash CS5 that focuses on how you can use Device Central to target multiple devices with varying screen sizes and capabilities.

Elad Elrom publishes the first in a series of posts covering optimizing Flash content for mobile devices. This first post focuses on out-of-the-box optimization features as well as benchmarking and profiling. Although Android is the only supported platform at the moment, his plan is to cover general mobile optimization techniques.


An update for AIR for Android was released last week on the Android Marketplace to support the forthcoming release of Android 2.3 (aka. Gingerbread). Gingerbread was rumored to be releasing on the Nexus One last week but as yet the OTA update has not come out.

Franto created a Flex "Hero"-based Android date picker that attempts to mimic the functionality of the native date picker. He shares the source as well as an .apk file for you to use.

Among tutorials this week, Koen De Weggheleire created shows how to record and playback video using AIR for Android. Christian Cantrell covers how to use URI Handlers in AIR for Android to launch phone calls, email, text messages, maps, market and URLs. While Rich Tretola shows how you can use the splashScreenImage attribute to define an image preloader, Lee Fernandes shows how you could even load an animated preloader in AIR for Android. Lastly, Raymond Camden discusses how to use the geolocation API in an example that searches for Adobe User Groups near you using the new Adobe Groups API.

Daniel Koestler released a sample application called SurveyApe on Adobe Labs as a way to learn SQLite in a real-world Flex mobile application. Along those lines, Joseph Labrecque released the source code for his Flex 4.5 Android application that serves an example of how to use FlexORM in AIR for Android to simplify data access in SQLite.

In terms of new Android Marketplace applications, Axel Jensen published an application built using AIR for Android and Flex 4.5 that gets dragstrip times on your car. Also, Duane Nickull released an application to the market as well the source of a scribble pad he built with James Ward. It was built with standard Flex 4 components and not the new "Hero" mobile component set.


With the recent release of the Blackberry Playbook Tablet SDK for the upcoming Blackberry Playbook, we are starting to see beginner tutorials and applications written about. For example, Steve Tibbett and Renaun Erickson post a tutorial on the ADC showing how to build Flex applications for the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK. Michaël Chaize also posts about building your first BlackBerry PlayBook AIR application including a video tutorial. Finally, Shashank Tiwari also shows his first steps with the BlackBerry PlayBook AIR SDK.

Christian Cantrell discusses how easy it was to get his iReverse game running on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Renaun also shows how to build BlackBerry PlayBook applications from the command line.


Also post-MAX announcements, we are beginning to see some people discuss the ability to use AIR for applications targeting the television. For instance, Nick Kwiatkowski created a tutorial on creating your first Android application for TV. In addition, Adobe TV posted this video where Aditya Bansod shows games and HD video running on Adobe AIR for TV.

Cool Flex & Flash Builder Stuff

Flex Product Manager, Deepa Subramanium, wrote an introduction to Adobe Flex "Hero" for RIA Zone which does a good job of covering many of the new features including new Spark components, video and text enhancements, compiler improvements and mobile support. She also published her Flex Roadmap session from MAX on Adobe TV.

Michaël Chaize covers a ton of coding productivity enhancements added to Flash Builder "Burrito".

Among tutorials, Omar Gonzalez discusses an interesting requirement for using Flex mobile components in a Flex web project. Xavi Beumala shares sample code for creating a 3D accordion layout using Flex 4. Finally, Glenn Gervais demonstrates how to use the Spark Path component to draw custom arrow buttons in Flex 4.

Cool AIR Stuff

While ostensibly all the mobile and devices stuff above is AIR (and I may roll up these sections in an upcoming version of this post) there were a couple general AIR posts of interest this week. Most noticeably, Holly Schinsky released a new version of the Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta. This release includes new samples and some cleanups and bug fixes. As a reminder, the prior release added mobile support which is excellent.

Dan Skaggs discusses some lessons he learned while experimenting with HTML and Javascript development in Adobe AIR. His experiment was building an application that maps out the position points from amateur radio users as they are reported to the Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS).

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

Version 1.5 of the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) was released and includes new multicast features. It also supports stream reconnect for situations whereby the network connection may be lost temporarily. Lisa Larson-Kelley also announces the release along with a new layout sample for getting started with OSMF 1.5. Finally, JibJab's director of engineering recently discussed JibJab's use of OSMF to create a custom video player.

A couple of posts covered announcements that got a little lost in all the MAX news. Matthew Fabb discusses how the Flash Player will finally have multithreading and why that is important. While, Tom Krcha showed how a future version of Flash Player could support 3D video (3D as in Avatar).

Along the lines of text and TLF, this post by Barbara Kaskosz, Doug Ensley and Dan Gries shows how to build (and the source of) a really slick 3D text effect with embedded fonts via TextFlow.fontLookup. Meanwhile Paul Taylor updates us on the progress of his TinyTLF framework.

Emanuele Feronato and Luis Francesco Silva share the source of an experiment for creating a JellyPhysics soft body engine for Flash similar to the Jelly Car game. Finally, Emanuele also shared a tutorial on getting started with Adobe Alchemy on a Mac.


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