Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 2/10/11

Posted on Feb 10, 2011

Another really busy week in the Flash Platform community. Beyond the announcement of Flash Player 10.2 being released, this week seemed to bring a plethora of expansive tutorials and new open source projects and sample code from the Flash, Flex and ColdFusion communities.

Of course, the Adobe evangelism team (currently enjoying a lovely Boston February for their offsite) often makes up a good percentage of the posts covered here. If you want to keep up with the entire evangelism team, the Adobe Evangelists site has the latest blog posts and tweets as well as profiles of everyone on Adobe's evangelism team.

Cool Mobile & Devices Stuff (AIR for Android, AIR on TV, Flash on Android, iPhone etc.)

Using the CameraUI is easy but Adobe's Christian Cantrell shows how to use the CameraUI API in a way that works on both Android and iOS. While it's slightly more code, you only need to code it once for both platforms.


Barbara Kaskosz, Doug Ensley and Dan Gries of Flash and Math created an AIR for Android version of their MazeFM application that uses a control wheel for movement. They share all the source including the class for generating the mazes at two levels of difficulty.

Adobe evangelist Paul Trani shares a video showing how you can handle activation and deactivation events dispatched when the application is interrupted or closed in Flash-based mobile applications.

Mike Britton shows how to working with the Twitter API in mobile Flex including handling OAuth authentication.


Paul Trani discusses how to design for the BlackBerry PlayBook including discussions of screen design, user experience and interaction, the touch interface and typography.

Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart also shows use OAuth for Twitter authentication but specifically for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Ryan also shares a screencast showing the swipe events available in the BlackBerry PlayBook and simulator and how to use them.

Adobe evangelist Renaun Erickson shows how to workaround a common PPSChannel error when running QNX PlayBook specific APIs on the desktop.


Ryan Graff informed me he has released this dynamic user interface application called Guide UI for the iPhone and iPad using Flash, Flex and AIR.

Cool Flex, Flash Builder & Catalyst Stuff

If you are interested in testing out the betas of Flash Builder and the Flex SDK, Deepa Subramaniam and Andrew Shorten have announced that they are opening up the prerelease to more participants, just fill out the survey if you'd like to join. Speaking of Andrew Shorten, he was also interviewed by Mitchell Pronschinske of DZone regarding what's new in Flash Builder "Burrito".

Tony Lukasavage takes a look at the good, bad, and ugly of the current state of Flex "Hero" and Flash Builder "Burrito." He offers some very good feedback, though one must take into account that the current public beta release was from back in October (and many improvements are being made behind the scenes).

Axel Jensen posts about a new Flex utilities library created by John Yanarella. It contains a number of useful utilities for Flex development, Axel's favorite being the IterableUtil.

Dan Orlando is posting a series of detailed tutorials covering data-centric development with Flash Builder 4. Part 1 covers connecting to the database and building CRUD services. Part 2 focuses on cleaning up the CRUD functionality a bit.

If you want to gain some useful tips with the new Flex "Hero" SDK (available on Adobe Open Source), you should be following Adobe's Joan Lafferty. She posted a number of tips for using the new Spark DataGrid this week including how to change the background color of a row using itemRendererFunction, how to use a CheckBox and how to outline the selected row.

Cool AIR Stuff

Andrew Westberg has a post at the new RIA Rockstars site shows how to use NativeProcess calls in Adobe AIR efficiently.

Fabio Biondi continues his series of Flash Catalyst tutorials on optimizing MXML code in Flash Catalyst "Panini." Part 6 covers interactions and transitions.

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

Flash Player 10.2, which includes Stage Video playback was officially released with some fanfare from the mainstream technology blogs like Engadget. Adobe's Thibault Imbert discusses the announcement and links to a number of resources to find out more about the release.

After managing views within mobile Flex, I've seen more than one person wish for an implementation of the ViewNavigator for standard Flex development. Well, Adobe evangelist Piotr Walczyszyn thought the same thing and created as3viewnavigator, a ViewNavigator for AS3/Flash projects.

Brian Genisio posts at RIA Rockstars covering hisActionLinq project that is an ActionScript implementation of Linq-to-Objects from the Linq library of the .Net stack.

Emanuele Feronato created two tutorials and demos comparing 3D flash engines for building a Sokoban game prototype. The first is done with Flare3D and the second with Away3D.

Romuald Quantin updated his SomaCore AS3 MVC framework to version two with the addition of dependency injection.

Nate Beck tries to helps people get started developing games with PushButton Engine by explaining the difference between UI and game simulation.

William Sanders does the first in a proposed series of posts discussing how to choose an ActionScript 3.0 design pattern.

Cool ColdFusion Stuff

Aaron Greenlee released a new ColdFusion open source project called Hoth to track and report errors in ColdFusion applications. The neat thing about this project is that it tries to intelligently determine if it is an error that has been seen before and, if so, how many times.

Steve Bryant also released an open source project in ColdFusion that is a simple shopping cart that relies on his Neptune framework.


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