Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 4/8/11

Posted on Apr 08, 2011

As weeks go, this was light on the number of posts, though there's a lot of meat in the 20 or so posts included in this week's update. Perhaps people are looking ahead to next week with 360|Flex in Denver that is sure to include some big announcements from both Adobe and the community. Nonetheless, between Serge Jespers sneak peak of Flash Builder, Marco Scabia's overview of AGAL for Molehill or Ben Nadel's use of a facial detection API in ColdFusion to name just a few, there's still plenty of awesome stuff this week.

Cool Mobile & Devices Stuff (AIR for Android, AIR on TV, Flash on Android, iPhone etc)

Adobe evangelist Serge Jespers gives a fantastic sneak peak for Flash Builder mobile application development including demoing a single application running on Android, Blackberry and iOS across a range of devices. He also previews a build of Flash Builder that includes the Blackberry OS and iOS support and walks you through creating a simple "Hello World" Flex application to run across all supported platforms and devices.

Adobe evangelist Mike Jones completes the second of his two-part series on creating virtual game controllers for touch devices. This edition focuses on how to map controller motions to keystrokes which can then be associated with actions in your game.


Slavomir Durej walks you through the ActionScript code required to route directions using geolocation and the Google Maps API on Android 2.2 and Air 2.6. Essentially, rather than simply show the company address on a map, he offers directions from your current location to the company.

Adobe evangelist Duane Nickull shares a quick code example of how to handle the TRANSFORM_ZOOM gesture event in Flex.

Adobe evangelist Christophe Coenraets has published his Flex-based iPad Trader App on the Android Market. This was the application that you may have seen demoed in his previous post running on Android and iOS.


Jesse Freeman posts two tutorial videos in his latest post showing how to provision and install an AIR 2.6 application on iOS in 15 minutes.

John Lindquist tests the game framework Flixel on the iPad using AIR 2.6 and is impressed with how well it runs. He shares a video demoing the experience.

Cool Flex, Flash Builder & Catalyst Stuff

Another Flash Builder sneak peak from Adobe evangelist Serge Jespers. This one demonstrates the dramatic improvements to the designer/developer workflow between Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst

Adobe's Joan Lafferty shares another quick recipe on how to add toolTips to a Spark ButtonBar.

Brian Riley follows up his recent post on getting Flex Spark and MX components to use embedded fonts focusing on an easier solution this time and a workaround for the one issue he encountered with this simplified solution.

FlashCats continues their Flash Catalyst component series with a Tab Navigator component whose tabs wrap around the content to display.

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

AGAL is the Adobe Graphics Assembly Language that is part of Molehill used for creating "shaders." Marco Scabia follows up the first part of his series on AGAL where he covered the syntax with part two focused on the ActionScript side of using your AGAL shaders. He also provides source code for the sample application.

Adobe evangelist Tom Krcha continues his tutorials on 3D Flash development with a tip on how to rotate a cube in 3D with Matrix to avoid locks.

Lars Gerckens discusses using Molehill and the ND2D framework for 2D game development with a discussion on how you speed up the engine using geometry batching.

Emanuele Feronato shows how to take an image and create a 360 degree panorama viewer with the Flare3D framework in Flash.

Dan Florio shows how to create a rotating 3D random walk with the Away3D framework in Flash.

Jackson Dunstan compares the performance of multiple means of constructing arrays in ActionScript.

Cool AIR for Desktop Stuff

De Monsters has released Monster Debugger 3 which is a free and open source debugger for Flash and Flex that they claim works as a nice companion to either or both Flash Pro or Flash Builder. Monster Debugger is built using AIR.

Cool ColdFusion Stuff

A common requirement is the need for specific properties of an object to get encrypted and decrypted before persisted in the database. Dan Skaggs shows a nice shortcut whereby the required data fields are automatically encrypted and decrypted with ColdFusion ORM and annotations.

Ben Nadel selected the winner of a photo contest he ran by using ColdFusion and's facial detection API.


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