Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 9/29/10

Posted on Sep 28, 2010

This was a really busy week including announcements about the Blackberry tablet OS for the upcoming Blackberry Playbook and more details about the Galaxy Tab tablet from Samsung. In addition, we had more sneaks of Flash Builder “Burrito” from the Flash team and the release of a 64-bit Flash Player on Adobe Labs. There’s just so much cool stuff coming out its hard to keep track. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in all the latest Flash, Flex and mobile stuff, I run an event in Boston called RIA Unleashed which will have sessions and workshops on all of these topics. Here’s this week’s notable community posts.

Cool Mobile Stuff (AIR for Android, Flash on Android, iPhone etc.)

There was a lot of discussion in the community regarding couple of performance comparisons between Flash and HTML5 done by Chris Black. First he compared HTML5 on his iPod, iPhone and Nexus versus Flash Player performance on the Nexus in the browser. His findings were that Flash Player had a consistently higher framerate with lower battery consumption. He followed it up with a more complex SVG example and more detailed battery life consumption analysis.

Some news came out this week about Samsung’s impending Android Tablet named the Galaxy Tab. Ben Forta is one of the lucky few who’ve been able to play with one of these devices and he shows off how it can run Flash Player in the browser in this video. However, many of you may wonder how it handles AIR for Android. Well, at FITC Mobile in Toronto, Mark Doherty was able to get his awesome Radar application running on AIR on a Galaxy Tab.

Speaking of tablets, Blackberry just announced their new tablet which will support Flash and AIR. Ben Forta links us to the just released Adobe Labs page covering Blackberry Tablet OS Flash support.

Also at FITC Mobile, I was able to interview Chris Allen of Infrared5, the developers of the very popular Star Wars Trench Run game for iOS. Chris was discussing a new product called Brass Monkey which allows you to use an Android or iOS mobile device as a motion and touch controller for a Flash game. This was the coolest thing I saw at the conference and well worth checking out.

Jonathan Campos has been one very busy coder. He’s been releasing regular AIR or Android tutorials including gestures, HTML web view, home menu and search buttons and screen orientation. Needless to say, if you want to get started with AIR for Android, his blog is an invaluable resource.

Rich Tretola also offered a couple of tutorials this week, covering the API’s for CameraRoll for accessing images on the phone and CameraUI for accessing the camera.

When we speak of mobile, we usually lump in devices. Along those lines, Jesse Freeman shows how it was blazingly easy to get his FlxFrogger game running on the Litl device since the Litl OS is Flash-based.

Ryan Stewart had some video tutorials posted to Adobe TV including one on debugging AIR for Android applications and another on the GEO location API. His colleague Paul Trani posted another video covering the basics of using the accelerometer.

Jens Loeffler posted a great article on the (all new) Adobe Developer Connection covering deploying video on mobile devices with Flash.

Finally, Christopher Caleb listed a couple of books that are coming on AIR for Android. There is also one coming from Julian Dolce.

Cool Flex & Flash Builder Stuff

The Flash Builder team has released a new sneak this week showing metadata code completion. You’ll be forgiven if you want some Mexican food before the video is over.

Dan Florio posted a new article on InsideRIA showing that adding deeplinking into your Flex application is not difficult despite the perception of many people that it is by using SWFAddress. He walks you through all the steps to get this set up in your application.

The developers at 9MMedia created an alternative incremental slider component for Flex that is designed to be friendlier for situations where you have a larger increment. In the case of this component, the sliding is smooth and will snap to the correct step when released.

Thomas Burleson offers a lengthy and detailed tutorial on using the Flare toolkit in Flex for creating complex, interactive visualizations. While his post centers on Flex, Flare is an ActionScript library and isn’t dependent on the Flex framework, so it would work just as well in a Flash application.

Finally, Tom Krcha offers a very simple P2P object replication sample in case prior examples were difficult to digest.

Cool AIR Stuff

Raymond Camden shows how you can build an alert system (similar in concept to Growl or Adobe Wave for example) using Adobe AIR. Ray’s example hides in the system tray (on Windows) until a message comes through.

This blog post shows you how to access files via AIR within a zip folder without actually unzipping the archive using the ZipLoader class within a project called hexegonlib.

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

The big Flash Player news this week was the release of the 64-bit player for Windows, Mac and Linux on Adobe Labs. I know a lot of people have been waiting a long time for this.

Mashable’s Christina Warren posts Adobe’s position with regard to the HTML5 versus Flash debate after an interview with Paul Gubbay, Adobe’s VP of design and web engineering. Suffice it to say, this is not an either/or position.

Bogdan Dinu released an ActionScript 3 multitouch library on Google Code.

Emanuele Feronato posts a good tutorial on how to handle player movement in a Flash game similar to Pixel Purge.


Gary Fenton A really good round up of what's happening, thank you. I'm especially interested in AIR running on mobile platforms. After spending so much time building a good web app you don't want to have to start building a client app for each and every mobile platform.

Does AIR run on the iphone, sans Flash? I could live with that as a developer.

Posted By Gary Fenton / Posted on 09/28/2010 at 8:51 AM

Brian Rinaldi After Apple's announcement Adobe stated that they would resume development of the packager for iPhone. However a number of posts (which I believe are linked in the prior week of this post) showed how you could use the existing packager to create native iphone apps.

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 09/28/2010 at 9:48 AM

shawn Not to be a nag, but I'm pretty sure BlackBerry will not be supporting AIR for "Android"!

Rather AIR2.5.

Posted By shawn / Posted on 09/28/2010 at 12:29 PM

Brian Rinaldi LOL! Do you have evidence to back that up? ;) Thanks for the correction. Fixed.

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 09/28/2010 at 12:31 PM

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