Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 9/8/2011

Posted on Sep 08, 2011

This week features a number of showcase mobile applications, many from Adobe evangelists, and some details about the native extensions features in the new AIR 3 beta on Adobe Labs. However, my favorite link of the week goes to Jeff Fulton who wrote an excellent post on why he still loves the Flash Platform. Before you start rolling your eyes thinking this is typical fanboy defense of Flash, give it a read. Jeff not only makes a solid case for why he thinks Flash makes him more productive but also talks about the many other technologies he has and continues to explore. His point being, you can love Flash without hating everything else.

Cool Mobile & Devices Stuff (Android, iOS, Television)

Adobe evangelist Michaël Chaize announces the winners of his mobile challenge contest in Europe in which all entries must be published on the three market places (Android Market, Apple Store and BlackBerry AppWorld). The list includes some very impressive looking AIR applications, so check it out.

Adobe evangelist Terrence Ryan recently posted about his Finicky Android application and now is sharing the articles that helped him build Finicky including tutorials on skinning Flex mobile applications, embedding fonts and using the device camera.

Adobe evangelist Andrew Trice shares details and video of his Project Awesome which is similar to his colleague Christophe Coenraets Mobile Trader application that uses LCCS for collaboration but works in complex visualizations using Stage3d on devices with collaboration.

Antonio Holguin is presenting a bring your own device lab at MAX and, in preparation, posts a full getting started guide for building a hello world mobile project in Flash Pro CS5.5. He walks through the hardware and software requirements as well as shares a sample project.

Daniel Freeman has released his MadComponents for mobile Flash/Flex development as open source via Google Code and added more in-depth documentation.


A number of Adobe evangelists have recently been working on example applications, such as Terrence Ryan's Finicky discussed earlier. Ryan Stewart has released his example via the Android market called 100 Days of Exercise, which, as its name states, is an application designed to track exercise progress over the course of 100 days. Renaun Erickson also released his application to the Android market called Caltrain Times that is an interactive train schedule for the Caltrain system in California.

According to Jens Loeffler , another high profile example AIR application was released this week in the Breaking Bad Game currently available on the Android market.


William B. Sanders continues his tutorial and sample code for building an ActionScript 3 application for iOS using the decorator pattern which includes source code.

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

The community was buzzing this week over the sneak peak to Unity's new Flash export feature/. This includes a video of the Shadowgun game demo running in the Flash Player (using Stage3D).

Speaking of Stage3D, Adobe's Thibault Imbert shows you how to handle scenarios with Stage3D such as whether the users machine is using hardware rendering or the software rendering fallback or when the graphics card resource is lost.

Lars Gerckens discusses shows a new feature in his ND2D framework for Stage3D optimized 2D games, that is how to implement alpha masks.

Matthew Fabb posts information shared by Adobe's Arno Gourdol at Flash Camp Brazil as a multithreading in Flash update.

Pete Shand shares an example with source code on how he integrated the browser scrollbar with Flash including a more advanced second example that uses the browser scrollbar to rotate an object in 3D within Flash.

Emanuele Feronato posts the source code for an AS3 performance monitor with features for Flash 10.1 called movieMonitor including the ActionScript source and/or class you can download.

Dan Florio discusses the shuttering of Google's Maps API for Flash by showing other available mapping APIs for the Adobe Flash Platform.

Jackson Dunstan discusses performance when using the Proxy class to customize the behavior of operators.

JabbyPanda demonstrates an easy to make mistake whereby 2 – 1 = 2 in math operations with dates in ActionScript because ActionScript automatically fixes your invalid dates.

Adobe's Jay Armstrong shares some tips and resources for using CSS with TLF text.

Roland Zwaga continues his series on the continuing changes coming in Spring Actionscript v2.0 with new features already available via the Subversion source.

Cool AIR for Desktop Stuff

This week included the release of a new AIR 3 beta on Adobe Labs and Adobe evangelist Mark Doherty discusses some of the uses and history of the AIR 3 native extensions feature along with a simple example of how you use an existing native extension in a project. Meanwhile his colleague Renaun Erickson explains more along the lines of why to use a native extension citing an example application for point of sale credit card processing that he is building.

Cool ColdFusion Stuff

Adobe evangelist Raymond Camden had a couple of interesting posts this week. The first involves his first forays into using a NoSQL database with ColdFusion. Specifically he was using MongoDB and the open source project by Marc Esher called CFMongoDB. Next he posts an experiment using Flex for mobile with ColdFusion and BlazeDS to create a mobile application that posts server monitor alerts to your phone.


Matthew Fabb Thanks for the great write up and for including my post. One of the more interesting things is Thibault Imbert adding a comment to my post confirming that ActionScript worker threads is just the first stage of concurrency in Flash. :-)

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