Designing responsively from the ground up with Edge Reflow

Posted on May 02, 2013

A few weeks ago, my latest Adobe Inspire article was published. It follows up an intro to responsive web design article I wrote for the prior issue. In this case, it imagines I were to redesign this web site using Edge Reflow (currently available as a preview via the free Creative Cloud subscription) to make the design responsive. Obviously, the current version is not at all responsive (laughably unresponsive even). However, if I were to take my initial assets from Photoshop to build a layout in Edge Reflow, I could then hand that to my web developer (still me in this scenario) who could interactively see how it should look and behave in various widths and use the CSS and other design hints inside Reflow to guide his development of the HTML and CSS for the actual site. It's a bit of a new workflow from what many teams are accustomed to right now, where they may hand off a series of PSD's that staticly illustrate how various screen sizes should look (I know because I received a ton of questions along these lines when I have presented it both to the HTML5 Developers Conference and the Adobe Community's Tech Wednesday). In this case, the designer and developer are, in essence, "speaking the same language." Hope you enjoy the article.


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