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Posted on May 15, 2012

One of the best things about my job with the Adobe Developer Connection is that I get to work with a ton of great authors writing about topics that I personally care about. Over the past months, we've already managed to publish a long list of fantastic tutorials and articles on JavaScript and mobile development using web standards and we've got a lot more in the pipeline that I am very excited about.

Nonetheless, one thing we aren't always good at, but working to improve, is offering you a way to easily find these articles, especially once they are no longer new. Sure, we have a tag browser, but you would be forgiven for not knowing it existed prior to today. You can also follow our articles via RSS but, at the moment, there's no way to do so by topic (as far as I know).

To try to temporarily remedy this, I wanted to share with my readers some of our recent articles covering JavaScript and mobile. While this isn't every article and video the ADC published on these these topics, it is every one I have personally recruited for our site - and I am, quite honestly, proud of every one. You can also learn about new articles via our ADC blog, as I post the "story" of each one as they are published. Hopefully you've found these articles useful - and will check the HTML5 and CSS3 developer center each week for new articles like these.

General JavaScript Development

JavaScript object creation by Keith Peters
Object types in JavaScript by Keith Peters
JavaScript design patterns – Part 1: Singleton, composite, and façade by Joe Zim
JavaScript design patterns – Part 2: Adapter, decorator, and factory by Joe Zim
JavaScript motion detection by Romuald Quantin
Real-world example of the HTML5 FileSystem API by Raymond Camden

JavaScript Frameworks & Testing

Backbone.js Wine Cellar tutorial – Part 1: Getting started by Christophe Coenraets
Backbone.js Wine Cellar tutorial – Part 2: CRUD by Christophe Coenraets
Backbone.js Wine Cellar tutorial – Part 3: Deep linking and application states by Christophe Coenraets

Flame on! A beginner's guide to Ember.js by Andy Matthews

Dependency Management with RequireJS by Aaron Hardy

Unit test JavaScript applications with Jasmine by Dustin Butler

OOP in JavaScript with Minion by Brian Rinaldi (i.e. me)


Getting started with PhoneGap in Eclipse for Android by Andrew Trice
Getting started with PhoneGap in Xcode for iOS by Andrew Trice
Extending PhoneGap with native plugins for Android by Andrew Trice
Extending PhoneGap with native plugins for iOS by Andrew Trice


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