JavaScript Frameworks List - Now a Community Project

Posted on Mar 23, 2012

As I mentioned in my prior post with the list I have been compiling, organizing all the JavaScript frameworks I have come across, my goal was to make this a community project. The first step was to convert the list to JSON, which I did do. Next I created a project on GitHub for it. Right now this currently only houses the latest version of the JSON file but I plan to broaden the scope as I find time. Lastly, I created a page on my site that uses the JSON data to populate the same list. I've managed to make a few fixes/updates to the data for the list along the way though I still have quite a few sitting in my inbox which I plan to get to shortly. Right now, it is mostly the same list you can find on the blog post, but from here on out, I will only update this one and no longer update the post.

I hope, with your help, to make this a really useful tool for the community going forward. My goal, once I get the waiting updates in, is to begin to add resources for each framework including blog posts, tutorials and such, to the JSON data that I can use to turn this list not only into a way to find frameworks, but also to get to resources to learn about them as well. As always, I am open to feedback. Thanks.


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