MCDBA Boot Camp Part II

Posted on Feb 24, 2005

I just finished my first three days with were all geared towards the 290 exam. Apparently, exams 290 and 293 overlap with the MCSE, which, in practice, means I have to learn IP subnet masking and Active Directory to get my DBA certification. While it is interesting, I am not covinced it is wholly relevant. However, here are some interesting nuggets I gained in these first three days I figure are worth sharing...

  • Microsoft added something called Volume Shadow Copy Service in Windows 2003. Basically this resolves the issue of accidentally deleting items over the network (as you should already know - they do not go in your recycle bin). The thing is, Volume Shadow Copy is not turned on by default and a program called twclient needs to be installed on each client machine as well. For info on how to enable VSS go to Working with the Windows Server 2003 Volume Shadow Copy Service.
  • Much like you can hide a share by appending a $ to the name (as in //server1/share$), you can hide an entire server by running the following from the command line prompt: net config srv /hidden:yes
  • You can redirect print jobs to another printer (either one connected to the machine or one on the network). For how to do this in XP go to To transfer documents to another printer.

Obviously we covered much more than that (or I would be sure to fail the exam), but these are just a couple of interesting items (although, not totally relevant within the role of CF Developer). I will share more as they come along.

Oh...and the instructor, Kurt Hudson, was superb...his site needs work (!) but you can find it at HudLogic.



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