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Posted on May 25, 2005

Recently I upgraded my Eclipse installation to the Stable Build 3.1 M7 and ever since I have been getting errors when I work on certain folders on a mapped drive. The error occurs when I edit a file in the particular folder and save it. Afterwards, if I try to save it again, I get the following error:


Save could not be completed.

Has been changed on the file system

Shannon Hicks reported exactly the same issue to me, so I am not alone. I would rather not revert to the older installation (this install is much faster), but it making work difficult (I need to keep closing and reopening the file after every save).

Has anyone else encountered this? If so, have you found a solution?



Jim What platform? I've been running the latest(M7) along with the latest nightly build of CFE with no hiccups. Running on WinXP Pro.

Posted By Jim / Posted on 05/25/2005 at 8:26 AM

Brian Rinaldi Sorry. Running on Windows XP Pro as well. One thought I just had...could it be the File System Plugin? I installed that around the same time. (

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 05/25/2005 at 8:30 AM

Brian Rinaldi Just checked with my friend who is receiving the same error and he does not have the file system plugin installed. So, there goes that theory.

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 05/25/2005 at 8:54 AM

Jim I don't have that installed either - just M7, CFEclipse and subclipse. When you say 'upgrade' - have you tried a clean install? FWIW - I downloaded everything - and installed in a new directory.

Posted By Jim / Posted on 05/25/2005 at 9:43 AM

Rico i have the same problem. project on a shared volume. xp pro.... no idea...

Posted By Rico / Posted on 08/03/2005 at 7:19 AM

Brian Rinaldi Rico,

In my experience since this post I have found the problem to be totally random in one sense and consistent in another. It seems to happen to a particlar (seemingly) random set of files, but continues to happen to those files consistently. I have seen some improvement since moving to the 3.1.0 stable build from the 3.1 M7 release. Have you tried that?

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 08/03/2005 at 8:19 AM

dan Has anyone found a workaround to this problem yet? I still have this problem and it is hard to use cfeclipse at work because all of work is on multiple mapped drives.

Posted By dan / Posted on 12/12/2005 at 10:00 AM

Brian Rinaldi To be honest, I am not having that issue anymore, but I have since moved to a different computer where I did a clean install of I cannot say exactly how to fix it.

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 12/12/2005 at 7:11 PM

rak I'm having the problem as well. I have a clean install, version 3.1.1 with version of CFEclipse. WinXP, shared network drives. I've never used Eclipse before (I love it except for this little problem), so it cannot be a problem with any upgrades. I have Studio8 as well of course.

Posted By rak / Posted on 12/13/2005 at 11:08 AM

Jason Blum Same here. version 3.1.1 with version of CFEclipse. WinXP. Am only seeing it with a file (index.cfm) which happened to already exist. Any file I've since created through CFEclipse I've been able to modify, delete, recreate repeatedly without any problem. So am wondering if there's something about permissions on shared network drives?

Posted By Jason Blum / Posted on 12/16/2005 at 5:01 AM

Brian Rinaldi I did notice when I had that issue that is was with particular files, howeve., does anyone have the same problem editing files that are NOT on a mapped network drive? That seems to be the one consistency. I used to be able to either close and reopen or refresh the folder and it worked fine, so I think the network drive has something to do with it. Wish I could offer more assistance.

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 12/16/2005 at 8:36 PM

rak Yes, for me the problem is only with index.cfm. This is an old file on a shared network server. New files, even index.cfm, created within Eclipse are okay. I tried deleting the index.cfm file, and recreating it within Eclipse but that didn't help.

The network admin thinks the web server is accessing the index file at the same time, but this particular site is seasonal and is not active right now, I am not so sure about that.

Posted By rak / Posted on 12/17/2005 at 1:02 PM

Ryan Miller wow, nice to know I'm not alone. This exact problem has been driving me CRAZY! Sorry to see that there's no resolution yet though.

Posted By Ryan Miller / Posted on 01/10/2006 at 4:42 PM

Ryan Miller Someone here asked the question of whether anyone has seen this on a non-mapped network drive? I got the save problem when I pointed my project to the same folder but without using a mapped network location, just using the absolute network path.

I also talked to Spike, the developer of CFEclipse. He doesn't think the problem is with CFEclipse or the File Explorer plugin. In fact, I found that I had no problems saving the same files with the File Explorer plugin, so I'll be using that instead of the Navigator for now.

Posted By Ryan Miller / Posted on 01/13/2006 at 12:33 PM

Brian Rinaldi Yeah, I had absolved the file system plugin some time ago (see comment from 5/25). I think whatever version of Eclipse is actually the culprit and not cfeclipse in particular. However, I have not had the problem in some time (though I do not know what fixed it)

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 01/13/2006 at 12:51 PM

Ben Johnson Yes, I'm getting this too. If I copy the project to my hard drive, it works fine, so it has to be a problem with the networked drive.

If I uninstall CFEclipse, the CFM files save just fine (over the network). If I open .HTML files with CFEclipse, no problems.

I submitted this to the CFEclipse issues list, so we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, there is no way I can use Eclipse for CF development because we have nearly 10 GB of code on the dev server. Mapping a drive is my only option.


Posted By Ben Johnson / Posted on 02/15/2006 at 11:02 AM

Mike I'm getting the same issue as well on Windows XP Pro with a networked drive. Extremely annoying. I've given up trying to use Eclipse until this issue is resolved and went back to the handy Editplus. I hope they fix this soon.

Posted By Mike / Posted on 03/03/2006 at 10:19 AM

K.M. Ensign I'm using CFEclipse 1.2.0 this occurring more and more often. Very frustrating. It seems to be more of an Eclipse issue than an issue with the plugin.

Posted By K.M. Ensign / Posted on 03/15/2006 at 1:40 PM

bjr This is definitely a CFEclipse issue. Without CFEclipse, I can open and save all my mapped-drive files without issues.

Posted By bjr / Posted on 03/23/2006 at 11:39 AM

Chris Same problem here... Network drive in Windows and CFEclipse. Still no fix?

Posted By Chris / Posted on 04/19/2006 at 2:54 AM

Brian Rinaldi Sorry Chris, no solution that I am aware of. However, I do know that I am not having the problem any longer and I am still developing on windows xp pro and network drives. This was a clean install on a new computer though, so I cannot say what exactly fixed it, but pehaps a clean install will work?

Posted By Brian Rinaldi / Posted on 04/19/2006 at 9:27 PM

Rico had same problem and same solution. new installation and it works. i dont know why????

Posted By Rico / Posted on 04/20/2006 at 1:34 AM

Sean Tierney getting the same problem, very annoying indeed. XP pro, CFE v, Eclipse SDK v. 3.1.2 accessing index.cfm over mapped network drive. problem is intermittent. someone please post here if you find a solution.

Posted By Sean Tierney / Posted on 06/04/2006 at 2:39 PM

Jesse Tijnagel I had the same problem on a mapped drive in XP. The problem was solved when i renamed the file to whatever other name, with the same extention (.xml). With the new name i can save the file as much as i like without getting the 'Save could not be completed' error. When i rename the file back to it's origional name the error occurs again!..

Posted By Jesse Tijnagel / Posted on 06/30/2006 at 8:41 AM

James Has anyone found a fix for this? This happens to me at random times on random servers.


Posted By James / Posted on 07/03/2006 at 3:20 PM

Jesse Tijnagel Eclipse is not designed to have it's 'workbench' somewhere else then a local directory. You can deploy code to other shared drives, webservers, etc. with the ANT tool and a simple ant task file like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="example" default="all" basedir=".">
   <target name="all" depends="copy.scripts"/>

   <target name="copy.scripts">
      <copy todir="X:\windowsSharedDisk">
         <fileset dir="./src">
            <include name="**/*.css"/>
            <include name="**/*.html"/>
            <include name="**/*.php"/>

This way you certainly avoid the problems as described in this blog!..

Posted By Jesse Tijnagel / Posted on 07/04/2006 at 6:42 AM

Jeff Gladnick I recently had the same problem. I was able to fix it, but at a certain cost:

All of my files are on a mapped drive on the development server. When I set my workspace to my local drive, and then open files on the mapped drive, I start getting the error.

However, When i set my workspace to the mapped drive, and then use File Explorer, i get no errors and can browse the entire drive.

File Explorer in eclipse really stinks. I can't make a new file or rename a file or any standard stuff you'd expect. But its better then the saving errors.

Is this going to be fixed any time soon? Or did the root cause ever get discoverd/fixed?

Posted By Jeff Gladnick / Posted on 07/19/2006 at 9:16 AM

Jason Well, it's now Oct. '06, I'm using Eclipse 3.2.1 w/ the CFEclipse 1.2 plug-in (both of which I downloaded this week), and I'm seeing this same bug (but only with CF files, not Java  and, yes, my workspace is mapped to a network drive, as it must be, given our company architecture).

Any new developments on this issue since the last post (nearly five months ago)?


Posted By Jason / Posted on 10/13/2006 at 10:52 AM

Ryan Miller we got around this by using web dav with web drive

Posted By Ryan Miller / Posted on 10/13/2006 at 11:15 AM

Kevin Benore Mark Drew from the CFEclipse development team has told me the following. "This is a commonly ocurring problem when you have local virus checker, uncheck 'scan network drives' and the problem should go away."

Posted By Kevin Benore / Posted on 11/09/2006 at 4:25 PM

Rebecca Younes From my observations, this problem occurs within projects that have been defined on top of preexisting network directories and/or files, and not within project files that have been created from scratch within CFEclipse. So the best workaround is to create the directory and files within CFEclipse.

However, if you need to work with files that already exist, I have found two somewhat unsatisfactory workarounds:

1. Use File > Save As ... (requiring four mouse-clicks rather than a single keyboard command)

2. Open the file through File > Open File... rather than as part of a project. Then you will miss some of the Eclipse functionality that is only available through projects.

Posted By Rebecca Younes / Posted on 01/22/2007 at 6:40 AM

Harkirat Singh 'Mark Drew from the CFEclipse development team has told me the following. "This is a commonly ocurring problem when you have local virus checker, uncheck 'scan network drives' and the problem should go away."'

Thanks Kevin. This worked for me. I had to disable scanning network drives under my Symantec anti virus 'File System Realtime Protection' option. Now I don't receive those annoying message anymore *yay*!

Posted By Harkirat Singh / Posted on 05/04/2007 at 2:36 PM

Jeff Gladnick 'Mark Drew from the CFEclipse development team has told me the following. "This is a commonly ocurring problem when you have local virus checker, uncheck 'scan network drives' and the problem should go away."

This worked like a charm.

Posted By Jeff Gladnick / Posted on 09/19/2007 at 12:40 PM

Kenneth Rainey I experienced this problem, but it wasn't a virus scanning issue. Instead, the cause was VSS and SVN not playing nicely with each other.

We switched from VSS to SVN, but I didn't uninstall VSS.

The problem only appeared when I checked out files from older VSS-era projects, and then only if the VSS user had failed to check the file back in.

I uninstalled VSS from the box, rebooted, and, voila, problem solved.

Posted By Kenneth Rainey / Posted on 12/12/2007 at 7:31 AM

Keith For those who come across this story long after the last post - if you do not want to completely shut off scanning of network drive, then have your virus scanner exclude .cfm and .cfc files. It solved my problem.

Posted By Keith / Posted on 03/16/2009 at 6:51 PM

Nithya I faced the same problem with CFEclipse. I had disconnected the server drive and mapped the folder again. After the new mapping, CFEclipse started giving this error. So I deleted the project (without deleting server contents), and created a new project. Now I dont face the error. Hope this helps someone.

Posted By Nithya / Posted on 01/24/2012 at 8:52 PM

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